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What is geothermal energy?

Your future energy supply comes from the sun

Thermia Atlas - The world’s No.1 ground source heat pump

  • Pioneering heat pumps.

  • Engineered with passion.

  • Born in Sweden.

Thermia has been turning the world on to heat pump technology since 1973  

White bulb

Incredible, but true...

The sun sends the earth 174,000 terawatts of free energy – every day.
It makes sense to use this gift of nature to heat and cool our homes.

Thermia heat pumps

Heating in winter and cooling in summer

  • Sun

    The sun has been heating our planet for billions of years.

  • Earth

    The earth is slow to give that heat back.

  • Degrees

    That’s why the ground temperature remains at a constant 0 to 10 C, whatever the season and however cold the weather.

This is enough to heat a house in winter and cool it in summer.

+20 o C -10 o C
+22 o C +30 o C

Benefits of using a Thermia heat pump

Energy-efficient heating

Up to 75% of your energy consumption for free – using renewable energy from the air or ground

  • Highest available efficiency – 3 units of heat energy for every 1 unit of electricity
  • Helps to achieve a better energy certification rating when your property is assessed
  • Efficient heating for new-builds or refurbishments

Reduced heating bills

Heat pumps can provide significant annual savings compared to natural gas, oil or LPG

  • 30-60% saving on running costs (depending on your current heating fuel)
  • Grants and incentives will reward you for ‘going green’
  • Low maintenance – no gas supply, no chimney, no safety inspection necessary

Low-carbon heating

Air and ground source heat pumps can act as your individual contribution to the commitment to source 20% of European energy from renewable sources by 2020

  • Heat pumps offer up to 50% CO2 savings compared with fossil-fuelled systems
  • Full Eco-design compliance (energy class A+++/A++)
  • Heat pumps do not produce ash or smoke

Comfort all year round

A complete climate solution

  • One solution – heating, domestic hot water and cooling
  • Passive and active cooling during summer
  • Let the heat pump heat your pool
Heat pump

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